I’m trying to live my life more sustainable, cruelty free cosmetics & clothes, leaving less carbon foot prints and trying to eat more plant based. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my thought on these topics.

I’ve decided to try to ban makeup brand, which are tested on animals, out of my life.
Perhaps a difficult decision, as a blogger who has a lot of beauty products, but I feel good about what I do and I think it is more important than that animals should suffer for my products.
As you probably know I am a huge animal lover. I like literally every animal unless it’s stabbing or hurting me. Fortunately, this is pretty much just the case with mosquitoes and I still have a huge love for all the other animals.
I was vegetarian for a long time, but I’m not anymore. The reason why I’m no longer a vegetarian is a different topic which I don’t want to explain here but I’m going to do in a future post.

I never liked the taste of eating meat and I think it sad for the animals, there is no need that they must suffer for my food or products. I’m always doubting whether I’m going back to be a vegetarian or maybe even trying out veganism. I eat fish and chicken at the moment and I still eat other animal products. I rather try to challenge myself for choosing a vegetarian/vegan option, instead of always reaching for cheese, milk and eggs.

All this is quite contradicting with the fact, that I’m smearing products on my face every day from brands that tests on animal. I always had a very bad feeling about it, but I always tried to make up excuses. Why am I still doing this actually?

Animals suffering by animal experiments are difficult to see. On a piece of meat you see that it was once an animal, but by looking at a nice blush you don’t really see that it’s ever been tested on rabbits. You don’t see that animals living their lives in a cage (including dogs and cats), you don’t see that shampoo is lubricated in their eyes to see what occurs irritation and you don’t see that they are slain, pure to learn about the anatomy, while there have been alternative methods already developed.

I have so far held myself a bit silly and tried as much as possible not to think about even though there is a constant nagging guilty feeling inside. I don’t want to do that anymore. I don’t want to spend more money on brands that participate in animal testing and I certainly don’t want to show you products on my blog from a brand that test on animals. Also through my blog, all this has a larger load, because I will show you what products are good and which are not.

In the EU there is now a prohibition on animal testing for cosmetics. That’s wonderful and a nice milestone, but it does not mean that all brands in the Netherlands are animal-friendly. In other countries, brands can just go ahead and in a country like China, brands are required to do animal experiments because otherwise their products not going to sit on the shelves.

So who checks whether the products in the Netherlands in the shops aren’t tested on animals? For my Dutch readers I found a blog which describes everything about animal testing. And even if you aren’t Dutch the following list with animal friendly brands still could be pretty interesting for everyone!

This intention does not mean that I’m going to throw away all my makeup and clothing which are made out of e.g. leather. I spent hundreds of euros and I find it a shame to throw it all in the trash. It will be a transition that takes a while, because I will also have to get used to it and I’m someone on whom cold turkey doesn’t work that well. I hope between now and half a year my stash will be animal-friendly!

I can imagine that some of you find it less enjoyable that I will not be reviewing a number of big brands on my blog any more. I can understand that completely, but I’m feeling good with what I do and I think that’s exactly the strength of my blog that this is so personal. Thus the blog represents more and more who I am and what I stand for. Luckily I have a lot of blog-colleagues you can still turn to. On the other hand: with me going this way I’m going to look for brands which I haven’t used that much and therefore who knows, you and I find a lot of cool and new products from sustainable, cruelty free brands! Everything has a positive side.