5 beautifying foodsA while a go I came across a youtube video from makeupTIA in which she talks about her weight loss and about different books she read during her weight loss period. A book that especially caught my eye was the “Eat Pretty” book from Jolene Hart.

I looked up the book because the subject immediately got me interested and so I ordered it directly.

A little bit of information about the author and the book – Jolene Hart, a beauty and health coach  was plagued for years with poor skin and sluggishness. And while the former beauty editor had every product at her disposal, she continued to suffer from acne and an expanding waistline. Her intuition told her there had to be a link between our skin’s health and the foods we eat.

On her website she confesses,

“The answer to my skin woes was not in the steady stream of new skin care products and beauty treatments that crossed my desk daily. None of these conventional beauty remedies improved the upset in my skin, which, as I learned later, reflected my poor diet and stressed-out lifestyle.”

In her new book, Eat Pretty, Jolene focuses on beauty from the inside out. Filled with seasonal recipes, food break downs and symptom-specific suggestions, this book is sure to make you glow.

Here is a little list with foods I try to eat every single day and not only are these foods amazing for your insides and overall health but they also give benefits to your skin, hair & nails and on how to look more radiant.


1\\ Coconut
Beautifying compound: Potassium
Beauty benefit: Supports healthy electrolyte balance
Whether in oil, water or meat form, coconut’s ability to regulate electrolytes helps the heart deliver oxygenated blood to the body, setting skin aglow. Choose a young coconut (cylindrical shape with a pointed top) for a powerful beauty elixir.


2\\ Lemon
Beautifying compound: Bioflavonoids
Beauty benefit: Strengthens blood vessels
Thanks to lemons’ astringent, diuretic and laxative properties, they clean out the digestive tract, leaving you with a flat belly and increased energy. Their high bioflavonoid content also boosts lymph flow, preventing varicose veins.

3\\ Strawberries
Beautifying compound: Vitamin C
Beauty benefit: Boosts collagen production
Containing more vitamin C in a handful than a whole orange, strawberries are chock-full of antioxidants that contribute to younger-looking skin and a lightning-speed metabolism.


4\\ Garlic
Beautifying compound: Allicin
Beauty benefit: Stops wrinkle formation
Thank garlic’s anti-inflammatory properties for its ability to quell acne and skin sensitivity and its antibacterial properties supporting healthy intestinal flora (this enables you to more efficiently absorb beautifying nutrients!).

5\\ Cacao
Beautifying compound: Catechins
Beauty benefit: Blocks wrinkle formation
Look for chocolate with a minimum cacao percentage of 70 to reap all the strong-nail, supple-skin and shiny hair benefits it has to offer. Dark and dairy-free versions also play a role in the skin’s UV ray protection.

When I’m finished with the book I’ll give you guys a full review on what I think about the book!



PS: If you are interested about the video which I was talking about , please check out makeupTIA!