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Hello Stranger! I’ve missed you too.

I know it’s been quiet a while since I last sat down behind my laptop and typed up a blog post. I just needed some time of and  to be honest I wasn’t really

in the mood to write something. I just didn’t want to post something just for the reason to post something. I didn’t feel right. So it’s been quiet on Everyday’s beauty but this will change in the future *pinky swear*

I’ve been dreaming, brainstorming, reading some amazing books and magazines, enjoying life, listening to music, working and a lot of resting! I needed to allow myself time,  to do whatever I wanted to do without thinking about like “I need to create content and be posting something” – I was invisible. That’s exactly what I needed, but now I’m back with a lot of inspiring stories, new ideas & thoughts to share with you.

I’m going to make a promise RIGHT NOW to remind myself to post more! I’m going to post minimum once a week maybe more depending on how much life gets in the way. On which day I’ll post I don’t know yet, but once I’m back in my posting rhythm I’ll announce on which day you can expect post from me during the week.

In the mean time, keep checking my site and follow my Instagram!


H A V E  .  A  . L O V E L Y . W E E K E N D