Sorry winter!

Snow, frost and freezing rain are not the best friends of the skin, also a well-known problem for the cosmetics labels who now launching their heavy (while extremely easy) care artillery.

Suddenly they go off, the nasty attacks on our skin – dropping needlepoint freezing rain and biting wind. Time for a new line in the bathroom cabinet. Stow your summer maintenance away and upgrade them right now. Since the autumn it is finally time to prepare for the frost, and this calls for care with other textures and ingredients. Instead of feather-light oils we need oily creams that keeps our skin supple and balanced even at minus five degrees.

The cosmetic companies launching some clever new products on the market, for example creams with extremely high doses of hyaluronic acid or with new drug combinations from nature such as seaweed extracts, black rice or berries. Their labs generate increasingly treatments that make the damage of the summer almost invisible and also make the skin ready for the colder periods.

Maria galland
Radiance Wake-up Set 2&42 (42€) MARIA GALLAND
MAINTENANCE KIT  – Wake up call First thought: Not another skin care step, and even not at all in the morning when it is still dark. But the effect of this duo’s skin care step consists of mask and peeling – worth the few more seconds. The set contains of strawberry extract and vitamin B6. This invigorates the tired complexion and makes the skin less sensitive against frost

SKIN ROTATION – Refine the skin almost like a treatment in a spa: electric brush and innovative peelings with extracts which catch the free radical.

Brush Aria (199€)CLARISONIC || Peeling Pure Ritual (59€) HELENA RUBINSTEIN
Huile Tonic (50€) CLARINS

BODY OIL – Frost protection Was it last year as freezing and cold as this one? After the frost shock we dive into baths, showers & saunas. Clever, who knows the three minute rule! You need to make sure that the water does not dry out our skin. Who lubricates the skin within three minutes after bath, can move a large part of the oil and moisture inside their body. Essential oils for example, e.g. rosemary and hazel nut act intensively against drying out the epidermis.

FIRST (SKIN) AID  – dry, tired, unclean?
No matter what problem your skin has during winter, with a serum you’ll get a quickly grasp. Some products even recognize the condition of the skin and repair them specifically.
first aif
Smart custom repair serum (69€) CLINIQUE | Le Lift firming anti wrinkle serum (119€) CHANEL | Anti stress serum ( 24€) BARBOR

Hyalo Plasma (142€) PERRICONE MD
 FACE CREAM The full dose – crèmes with hyaluronic acid aren’t really new. But this doctor – brands crème has the popular anti-aging drug doses as high as only in very few products. The effect of the turbo-cream: almost like a small facial in the beauty salon. It increases the collagen production and binds lots of extra moisture to the skin.
CLEANING – A strong team
Cleaning with proper tinder that is needed now because the fatty textures of winter creams can be difficult to remove in the evening. For this to work, is there a 2-step- system based on plant materials, for example from the watercress. Thus, the complexion will be deeply cleansed and simultaneously the skin gets generous and lasting moisturized.
Silk Purifying Cleansing Milk and Silky Purifying Milky soap ( each 51€) SENSAI
Blue Therapy Lift & Blur (66€) BIOTHERM
 DAY CREAM – soft designer
Have you seen it yet? The word blur is on a whole series of new creams. The cream is light-diffusing, soft drawing polymeric  covering redness, wrinkles are visually filled and the face looks more even. The skin reflects more the light that arises the invoked glow.
Kelp Algae are so well adjusted to the cold, that they not only survive in ice water, they even thrive in it. The extract of seaweed inherent in a new face mask -and thus their protective function against frigid temperatures. A bath additive with algae relaxes tense muscles by cold and soothes irritated skin winter.
Seaweed (29€)L:A BRUKET | The intensive revitalizing Mask ( 110€) LA MER
panda eye
EGF Eye Serum (79€) BIOEFFECT

 EYE CARE – The anti-panda

The skin is pale, dark eye shadow particularly apparent. Dry heated air overused these sensitive areas. An innovative concentrate from Iceland was enriched with plant growth factors that stimulate the renewal program of the cells,the more skins seems more streamlined and the enhanced density also softens the eye rings.


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