Wandering trough the drugstore, looking at the Essence display I came across the new Essence make-up palettes. They immediately caught my eye because I’ve never seen them before and they reminded me of the benefit and too faced boxes you can buy at e.g. Sephora which are much more expensive(>€30).


Essence came out with five boxes, three of them are for creating different eye looks –  bright eyes, natural eyes & smokey eye look. The other two are, one for the perfect brows and the other one has some blush, highlighter and bronzer inside. I bought the HOW TO MAKE YOUR FACE WOW, HOW TO MAKE BROWS WOW & HOW TO MAKE BRIGHT EYES.

The new boxes are only available at the stores which have the third big display. Click here to find the Kruidvat stores which have the mega displays to get your hands on the new palettes.

IMG_0066 IMG_0067

how to make your brows wow

How to make your face wow €5,99

How to make bright eyes €5,99

How to make Brows wow € 5,99

The make-up boxes are all made out of well made cardboard and I think they look pretty, colorful and fresh. You’ll never would expect that these only cost €5,99 each. They are well made and look much more expensive. Each box contains a mirror and a card behind the mirror with a step by step tutorial for different looks and a how to, to use the products of each box.




The box description:  “Put your brows into the right spotlight! This make-up box contains everything you need for perfect styled eyebrows: a mini tweezer and duo applicator for the perfect shape, three different eyebrow powders and a highlighter as well as a step by step tutorial to make your brows wow!”

IMG_0013 IMG_0022 IMG_0024 IMG_0042

Swatches from left to right: love blondes, love’em all, love brunettes & lift me up

Looking at the box for the first time I thought that Essence did a great job creating different brow shades in one box to mix your perfect shade. Looking a second time you can say that the tweezer and the brush are worthless. The intention was good, but I prefer my own tweezers and the duo applicator picks up the products well but it stays on the sponge instead of highlighting your brows. And my main question is: where is the eyebrow comb to brush through your eyebrows?  I think that having a brow comp for me is much for important than having tweezers and a duo applicator in the box because my brows are going crazy if not combed through.

I like the idea of a highlighter in a box to give your brow bone a little more freshness. About the shades, I’m a brunette and first used the love brunette shades on its own but for me it is too light applying only one coat. I tried using more of the same shades and also mixing different shades together. I can say after using that the shades doesn’t quiet fit my hair color and i would prefer my the brow powder I’m using at the moment, but maybe the shades will be a better fit for hair lighter then mine.

Personally I think that you should not be focusing too much on the names of the shades and just try to find the perfect shade for you.




The box description: “Get the perfect glow for your face and look gorgeous every day! This make-up box contains a bronzer, a highlighter, two different blush shades and a step by step tutorial to make your face look wow!”


IMG_0071 IMG_0075


  Swatches from left to right: think pink, peach babe, starlight & sun date 

I like that they have separate tutorials for blondes but also for brunettes. I have very fair skin and the bronzer is just perfect for me, not too orange as most of the bronzer are. The bronzer has quiet chunky glitter in it but for me that’s not a big problem.

The highlighter is great, the right amount of shimmer which gives your skin some freshness without looking like a disco ball. Talking about the two blushes, I love that there is a cold toned and a warm toned one in the box, to get the best everyday use out of it. I must say that I love the peachy shade, it gives my skin a sun kissed glow and i can definitely need that in the wintery month.





The box description: “Get beautiful and bright eyes in a few easy steps! This make-up box contains everything you need for a natural and illuminating look: six wonderful eyeshadows, a duo applicator and a step by step tutorial for different looks.”

IMG_9974 IMG_0070 IMG_0051 IMG_0052 IMG_0053 IMG_0059 IMG_0038  Swatches from left to right : the irrestible, natural beauty, vanilla eyes, team bright, eyes bright open & light up

Looking at the How to make your eyes bright box, I thought that there was a nice variety of neutral shades. All of them have a shimmery in it, some more of a chunky glitter and others have a tiny hint of shimmer. The opacity of the shades are not bad but also not that good. I liked the shades eyes bright open, light up and vanilla eyes, using them for a everyday eye look. They definitely let your eyes pop, I have blue eyes and because of the light shades they immediately brightened up my eyes and make them even more sparkly. The only thing I’m missing in the box would be a mat crease color to give your eye a little bit for definition.

All in all I can say that the boxes from Essence are great, looking beautiful, fresh and are well made. They give you the appearance that you holding a much more expensive palette in your hands. Of course there are some downsides about these boxes but for the prices of €5,99 each, doesn’t even bothered me that much. With Christmas around the corner i would say that these will be great gifts for beginners but also for somebody who wants to try out the Essence range. So get your hand on them quickly before they are sold out.


  1. Martina
    November 15, 2014 at 18:12

    Great post Anka :)
    If I find these boxes in the drug store I think I will try the bright eyes one!

    • everydaysbeauty
      November 17, 2014 at 17:35

      Thanks, if you can’t find them i could buy them for you and bring these Saturday if you want to?

  2. Julia
    November 11, 2014 at 20:09

    Nice post Anka :) :*
    And the photos are also great :)


    • everydaysbeauty
      November 17, 2014 at 17:36

      Thanks, i take a lot of love into my pictures to make them as nice as possible for you guys

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